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Kitchen Remodel

Everyone knows that it doesn't matter how inviting we design the rest of our house - everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. So why not make it the crown jewel of the home? That's where Green Builders comes in, providing our premier kitchen remodeling service! The kitchen is the embodiment of form and function in equilibrium. We take great pride in our ability to evaluate our client's needs and provide them with a kitchen that is both functional but also artistically suited to reflect their individual style. 

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What Elements Make Up a Great Kitchen?

The Kitchen "Triangle"

Love to cook, but not in your kitchen? You just might be missing "the triangle"! The Refrigerator, the sink & the oven. These three staples are the pinnacle of a chef's domain. Free and easy access to all three can greatly affect our enjoyment in the kitchen.

Explore New "Heights"

Finding yourself on your tip-toes to put something in the microwave? Is prep-work at the kitchen counter a strain on the shoulders or lower back? You might have a microwave that is too high or kitchen counters that are too low. 

Traffic Control

Kitchens are one of the highest traffic areas in the home. Utilizing the layout of your kitchen to direct and ease the flow of foot traffic can maintain equilibrium in this crucial gathering place. 

Coming In For A Landing

Ever go to pull something hot out of the oven, or perhaps unload a dishwasher and realize there is nowhere to set your items? This is the importance of a landing space near your kitchen appliances.

Elemets of a kitchen
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The 'Heart of the Home' really does serve as the gathering place for more than just meals, it's where laughs are shared, plans are laid, and memories are made. Let Green Builders transform your kitchen into the quintessential gathering place for your friends and family for years to come.


Our years-long experience installing a wide variety of cabinets, countertops, and backsplash is just the beginning!

Let's Explore...

 Inner Designer

Discover Your

Everyone has a personal design style, do you know what yours is? Let Green Builders help you discover what speaks to you! Whether you're looking to reveal your own personal style or perhaps your just looking for some transformation inspiration, check out our portfolio for a glimpse at some of our most exceptional projects 

We definitely know our way around a kitchen...

Find out what our clients have to say about theirs!

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It went great! 100% satisfied. They listen to what you want very carefully and were flexible when I needed to make changes to my plans. They all work very well together as a team and they really delivered. They even did a follow up visit to make sure I was satisfied with their work before I made my final payment. Very easy to work with, very professional. I would highly recommend them to others without question, and I've already rehired them for another project!

— Lana Y.


It was excellent. They were on time. They were professional.

— Ken M. 

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